Wayne’s World Jr.

I got the coolest email the other day…from Penelope Spheeris, the director of Wayne’s World (1992). As a person of a certain age, I spent my entire 6th grade year speaking in Wayne’s World one-liners (now I’ve gone and given you enough clues to figure out my age).

I am trying to track down permission for the rights that I need in order to write a script that’s forming in my head. A project I call Wayne’s World Jr. Ms. Spheeris was kind enough to email me back to let me know that Paramount now owns everything Wayne’s World. I’ve submitted my request to Paramount (to two separate contacts there actually), so maybe I’ll hear something in six months to a year. Maybe not.

In the meantime, I’m imagining a world where Wayne Jr. is a closeted suit-wearing Kenny G lover (his sister, Cassandra Jr. just might have to rat him out), Benjamin is married to Stacy and the toddler Garth Jr. (ever his dad’s mini-me) is Garth Sr.’s wing man. Wayne still parties and Cassandra still wails…well, until 10pm.  Excellent!

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Fun Fact about Penelope Spheeris: She worked her way through her UCLA MFA program at IHOP and Denny’s!